January 09, 2013

It's been a WHILE...like YEARS!

I'm so behind I don't even know where to start!! Life is AMAZING and I'm SO thankful for everything! Here are a few recent pictures of our little family!

September 02, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaack

Okay So I know, I'm the worst blogger! :) I will try to get better!

First of all, my BABY will be 1 in LESS than a month! WHERE HAS TIME GONE?? My friend Karla and I were supposed to take Skye's 1 year pictures today but it rained! Planning the birthday was getting stressful because I could NOT decide where to have it. I finally decided to just have it here at the house. We have a good sized yard so the kids can just play and run around. I need some game ideas if anyone has any suggestions let me know! :)

She LOVES to make silly faces for the camera. The minute she sees me with one she starts these faces!

So about 2 months ago I signed up for a Fisher Price party on Houseparty.com. If you haven't been to the site you should go check it out. I'm NOT good at explaining things but I'll attempt. Its a site where companies like febreeze, tomestone pizza, fisher price, ect....just bigger names...offer FREE products to people who will throw a "house party" and show off what they send you. You sign up on houseparty.com and wait to see if you are chosen. I think they chose 1000+ for each one. If you are selected you get an email and have to confirm pretty quickly, I guess they send it to more than a 1000 and the first 1000 to confirm are chosen. Apparently this site is pretty popular because there were over 500 comments of mostly MAD moms upset and "heartbroken" because they weren't chosen by fisher price. ANYWAYS WE WERE CHOSEN AND should be getting the products within the next couple of weeks! We will be receiving 5 new toys for Skye and party favors for everyone that comes. They didn't list what the
party favors are but its fisher price so it hopefully won't be too bad! :) I know this sounds like a joke but it really is legit and NO there is no catch. MY friend Brandi had already hosted 3 parties...pizza, febreeze and capri sun! I think its just a way for them to promote new stuff and show it off before it comes out!

I was SO excited for SEPTEMBER to finally be here. August was just CRAZY. IT started out Davids truck screwed up and cost us 1,300 bucks. Shortly after that Skye had all of the tooth issues. I'm sure everyone knows but she lost her balance while pulling up on a chair and hit her tooth. The tooth had barely cut but after the fall it was ALL the way down. We went to the Dr. that day and he told us it would all be fine...and that she would probably lose it. Well I waited a couple of days and took her to the dentist because she wasn't being the normal happy Skye AND she had fever. After looking at it the dentist touched it and nasty stuff oosed out. Well it was INFECTED. I had to hold her down while he pulled it which was AWFUL but within 5 minutes after he finished it wasn't bleeding and she was HAPPY again!

her "bubba" tooth after her accident

Soooo last week our septic tank pump went out. The guy that came and looked at it said in the 13 years hes been at his job hes replaced 3. SERIOUSLY?? Our house was built in 2000 so...the septic was too! So that was another 350! Well...Saturday the air condioner IN THE HOUSE stopped blowing cool air. Luckily it started again that night but ALL day sweating was AWEFUL! Luckily its under home warranty for a year...so it better go out before next April!!

So yesterday we went shopping and hung out in town all day. Well, David got home from hunting before I got back from town. He called me because I was on my way home and told me the English Bulldog we had DIED! :( He knew he better get me prepared before I got home. That was the first time Ive ever cried in front of him. I just don't understand WHY bad things seem to be ongoing. All I can do is pray this ends! We arent sure what happened to her...but think she may have just gotten dehydrated. Those dogs have a hard time breathing anyways and she had the "runs" yesterday. SO sad, we all loved her! Skye is such an animal person its cute. She can say Belle and Dog (which is what we called the bulldog). This morning Belle has been so sad and Skye has been yelling "ooooooooog" and looking around in the kitchen. :(

I don't mean to be negative but SERIOUSLY??

January 06, 2010

Recap of 2009

2009 was the BIGGEST year of my life! Everything was so perfect though! =)

January- David and I were dating and talking about getting married one day!

February-We found out we were expecting a baby!! THEN...we got engaged!!

March-We set our wedding date...to April 25th

April-WE GOT MARRIED on the 25th!!

May-We found out ITS A GIRL!!!!!

June-We got our little Princess BELLE!

July-We had Matt and Kacie's wedding in MIDLAND!

August-I had the BEST baby shower EVER! We got EVERYTHING! It was CRAZY! Shelly, Courtney and Ashlee were the hosts! =)

September-I was hoping Skye would come EARLY...and be a September baby! BUT she and I kept growing and growing!

October-SKYE WAS BORN ON THE 1st!!!!!!!!!! She had her first Halloween too!

November-Skye grew SO much! She also had her first Thanksgiving! =)

December-Skye got to take pictures with SANTA! =) She got SO much stuff for Christmas this year!